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    Q: How thick is the neoprene material?

    A: Supertrim only supplies 2.4mm thick neoprene as this thickness is ideally suited to following the shape of the seat without being too stiff and bridging across dips and hollows, and it is not too thin like some other neoprene covers which fall apart fairly rapidly.

    End result, you have a robust cover that follows the contours of the seat and looks and feels like it should.

    Q: Are the covers universal fitting?

    A: No! We make patterns for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE to make sure our covers are a perfect fit. Otherwise a FULL refund will be given.

    Q: What colour are the seat covers?

    A: Our neoprene covers are black with twin needle highlight stitching that picks out the shape of the seat. The twin needle stitching can be provided in the colour of your choice, but usually looks best in silver white

    Q: What is the Lead Time after ordering the seat covers?

    A: The seat covers are made to order. Please allow approximately 5 working days for turnaround.

    Q: What happens if my car seats have air bags?

    A: As the seat covers are made to suit the vehicle concerned we make provision for the operation of the air bags by sewing the panel with an air bag seam so that the air bag operates in the same way as the original seat trim

    Q: Do you allow for the operation of armrests?

    A: Our standard product does not allow for armrest use in back seats. The reason for this is that the neoprene is too thick to allow the armrest to push back into the seat when not required for use.

    If access is definitely required then we can allow for the armrest to fold down so that it can be used, by cutting a hole in the seat cover and securing the flap with either velcro or a zip, dependent on the best option for the particular seat cover.

    This means that the seat cover does not have quite as neat and clean a finish as it does without this flap, but it does allow for the operation of the armrest.

    As this is not our standard practice you should make mention of this requirement when ordering.

    Q: Do you cover the full back of the seat on front bucket seats?

    A: Our normal practice is to cover the back of a bucket seat (the part facing a rear seat passenger) to a point approximately 1/3rd of the way down the seat.

    This makes for an easy fit and also means that the seat cover is less expensive than if we covered the full back of the seat.

    This is however, an option. If you require the full back of the seat to be covered, please mention it when ordering. There is an extra charge for this - $50 per pair of bucket seat covers.

    As this is not our standard practice you should make mention of this requirement when ordering.

    NB: Vinyl and canvas seat covers automatically come with a full back.

    Q: Do you allow for the operation of map pockets, or provide a map pocket?

    A: As our bucket seat covers do not cover the full back of the seat, access to a map pocket is maintained.

    If a full back is required it will naturally cover an existing map pocket. We can add a map pocket to the cover in these circumstances, but we recommend against it. Neoprene is a tough, durable material, but it is highly elastic. If a map pocket is created and heavy objects are put in the pocket, there is every chance that the neoprene will stretch out of shape and begin to gape.

    Once again though, if you decide to venture down this path, we are able to accommodate your requirement, but there will be extra time and material involved, which means extra cost. On top of the $50 extra per pair of bucket seat covers for a full back, there will be an extra $30 for two map pockets to be added.

    The same amount applies to either vinyl or canvas seat covers, i.e. an extra $30. Vinyl and canvas seat covers automatically come with a full back.


    Q: How does Warranty and Return / Refund Policy Work?

    Upon receipt of the item, if you find the item does not fit as shown in the photo/s or a certain part is missing, contact us immediately. Do not return the item/s before we give give you return instructions.

    In most cases a generic photo rather than one of an actual model is listed with the illustrative purpose of showing the fitment of the seat cover.  Please feel free to call 03-8774 2705 for help with fitting assistance.

    With the exception of weekends and public holidays, we ensure you get our technical support within 48 hours of hearing / receiving photos from you.   We can easily re-send the correct item (new replacement or appropriately customised item).  We will pay the return postages where there is a clear proof that the goods are majorly faulty, or we have sent the incorrect item.

    In rare events the buyer is supposed to pay the return and re-dispatch postages if the buyer has made the wrong choice or provided incorrect / insufficient information about their vehicle, or caused damage to the item through misuse.

     If customers are not willing to provide proof of the purchased item being faulty or unfit (normally via sending photos) and request a refund, such a request will be handled under "Change of mind" terms and conditions (see "Refund" below).


    During the 12-month warranty period, if the stitching comes apart or part of the cover is worn out as a result of wear and tear, please send us photos of the problematic part to  We will advise if the problem can be fixed free of charge.  Customers will pay for the cost of sending back the item for repair.


    We accept change of mind and are happy to make a refund of the value of the goods (excluding original postage) after making a standard 15% restocking fee deduction(*).

    restocking/admin/handling fee (*) helps to cover our costs of processing customer enquiries, order, dispatch, contacting eBay and PayPal, handling post-sales enquires, tracking and inspecting returned items.

    To ask for a refund within the money back guarantee period, simply let you know you’ve changed your mind and make sure the items to be returned (at your own cost) must be unused and in the original condition and packaging.