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    JEEP (GRAND) CHEROKEE FRONT Waterproof Car Seat Covers - 100% FIT!

    JEEP (GRAND) CHEROKEE FRONT Waterproof Car Seat Covers - 100% FIT!

    $249.95 $219.00
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    Nissan Navara Rear Seat Covers


    $299.95 $269.00
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    Holden Colorado CONSOLE LID COVER - FRONT PAIR, BLACK Waterproof Neoprene (Wetsuit), UV Treated

    Holden Colorado CONSOLE LID COVER - FRONT PAIR, BLACK Waterproof Neoprene (Wetsuit), UV Treated

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    Car Seat Cover Specialist in Australian Made Custom Neoprene and Canvas Seat Covers

    Welcome to Supertrim, a leading local manufacturing business, located in Melbourne, Victoria

    You can protect the original upholstery of your vehicle with Supertrim's car seat covers. 

    Supertrim is Australia's premier full-service automotive upholstery, manufacturing high-quality car seat covers for all types of vehicles. With our state-of-the-art facility, our car seat covers are of the highest  quality and functionally superior, lasting for years and providing you with excellent value for money. 

    We specialise in custom neoprene seat covers which provide ultimate seat protection and fit superbly, providing the ultimate in seat protection.

    Neoprene seat covers fit your seats like a glove and are 100% Australian Made.

    Custom Seat Covers

    We guarantee to supply you with custom seat covers for any vehicle for which we currently have a pattern, (we currently have over 600 patterns), within a day or two.  Choose from seat covers made from neoprene and canvas material that can be customized to your specifications. 

    We hold stock of seat covers for the 12 most popular vehicles in Australia. We also offer the finest fitting seat covers for a wide range of other vehicles such as Ford, Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and more.

    We take every little detail into account to provide you with customized seat covers.

    In instances where you can't find a seat cover that fits your vehicle, contact us and we'll do our best to supply you with custom-fit covers without any pattern-making charges on your part.

    Seat Covers Built on Trust and Quality

    Our 40 years of experience in tailoring seat covers has enabled us to build a strong customer base who are not just satisfied but delighted with our products. 

    Supertrim also supplies floor mats, dash mats, and a wide range of other auto accessories.

    For many years Supertrim has been a supplier to the car manufacturers and importers of Australia and is a quality certified company. We are audited every year by external auditors who check our production methods and administrative controls, to ensure that we comply with the latest local and international rules that govern quality certification for manufacturers.

    So you can be assured that when you buy a Supertrim product you are getting high quality, and value for money.

    Why Neoprene?

    Neoprene, also known as the wetsuit material, is waterproof, UV and heat resistent, moisture repellant, durable, extremely comfortable, durable and non-flammable.

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    Advantages of neoprene seat covers